Hi, I'm Phylinda. Thank you for visiting my site! I'm an artist and writer.  

Fine Art: The collection includes some of my more traditional subjects such as landscape, abstract works, and line art. 

State Symbols: Features each state's creatures in a variety of ways. Art prints, greeting cards, activities, coloring books, and more! 

Custom Pet Art: All creatures are welcome here! I know that your pets, and the pets of your loved ones, hold a special place in your heart. I enjoy helping to celebrate their wonderfulness with art. I too am an animal lover and I have three pets: Lucille, Luna, and Lucky Penny.

Each custom pet portrait is lovingly hand drawn and painted. Once you receive your portrait, I'll celebrate your pets by featuring them on social media. So please include any special details or stories you would like me to share!

During the COVID-19 crisis there are some delays in production and shipping times. Please contact me if you have any concerns around timing.

All printable products are instant downloads after purchase.

Contact: phylindamoore@gmail.com

Instagram: @phylindamoore