UnknownKi-Hara builds flexibilitystrength and aerobic capacity in the muscle by stretching as the muscle contracts. Ki-Hara adapts to any fitness level.Ki-Hara combines with Mashing—a powerful bodywork technique that addresses circulation, and muscle flexibility. Mashing practitioners use their feet to effect deep and lasting changes. Phylinda is a Ki-Hara certified Master Trainer. Half hour: $45, One hour: $85

Benefits: increases performance and recovery, removes chronic joint stress and pain, targets existing or potential injuries, improves posture.



Client quotesDSC03651:

“Phylinda carefully listens then systematically addresses my individual needs. I can’t say enough. Mashing has ex
panded my physical well-being. It makes the pain go away.” Jeanne Stanley

“Wow! It is an amazing technique, whether she’s actually walking on you or simply sitting beside you using her feet. . . I believe it’s contributing to really fixing what has been a chronic problem.” Beverly Swerling