Trudy's project

Check out Trudy Watt’s multilayered “Invented but True: Neighborhood Chronicles”

The image is from Trudy Watt’s “Invented but True: Neighborhood Chronicles.”

Watt’s project will appeal to those interested in how narrative can interact with architecture and city landscape. Watt explores the way perspectives can focus and/or re-orient our attention. Short multimedia films, watchable on her website, are set in Philly. The film and her approach will interest all sorts of creative types: writers, artists, city planners, architects, film makers, and anyone fascinated by the way we experience our environments.

From her project description: “Invented but True: Neighborhood Chronicles responds to the inherently narrative aspects of architecture and to our innate sense for narrative. This sense for narrative, which produces attention in all of us, used architecturally, produces an attention in the audience parallel to the architect’s own. Architects pay a special kind of attention to the built environment and this project is a call to action that this kind of attention should spread beyond the discipline and into the public. Narrative architecture is transmissible and communicable – attention to it spreads like a virus. Here, three narrative engines are used to generate the feeling of narrative: chronotope (the thickening of time), metalepsis (frame-breaking) and suspense.”

Her call to action seems apt for all of us inhabiting our landscapes- urban or otherwise. Attention can only broaden our outlook, experience, and interactions.

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